Founding fit4oaw

Today I created my first own open source project: fit4oaw. fit4oaw will provide a FitNesse for testing openArchitectureWare artifacts. Originally I planned to create a further subproject on the Fornax Platform, but then I realized that FitNesse is GPL licensed. This forces any work upon FitNesse to be also GPL, but Fornax requires hosted projects to be licensed under the ASL2 license. Personally, I deeply believe that GPL is no good open source license, and ASL is.

Now I will set up the project infrastructure, the initial code is already committed and it works. I just remembered that I saw an article in the JavaMagazin about the Maven License Plugin. This plugin is really useful and I will adapt it soon for Fornax also, and maybe in my current customer project. Currently I am struggling a bit around with custom file mappings to generate file headers for oAW artifacts.


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