Working on fit4oaw

In the last days I made huge progress in the development of my new open source project, fit4oaw. Most of it in my spare time when I was in the hotel in Frankfurt, but today and yesterday I spend some time from my regular working time on it. At itemis we have an open minded management, which let us invest some of our time for such activities. We call it “4+1”, means in average we have 1 day per week on our own, which is totally filled with my various open source developments.

This week I released the first beta version, which already is bundled as an out-of-the-box solution with all dependencies within. Just download, unpack, start and run the Fit4oawDemo tests. As I heard from colleagues it also worked for them and I get already positive feedback. This is really nice, and confirms me that I had the right idea.

After releasing the beta I realized that I have to change some fixtures again to make things even easier. The CallXtendFunction fixture will disappear and all will be done in the Expression fixture. To give you an impression how test cases for oAW Xtend functions and expressions look like:

fit4oaw Test Execution

Next week I meet with Hergen Oltmann to record our itemis internal podcast. Until then I want to release version 1.0.0. I’m quite confident that I will manage to release the first version and that it already matches many needs. And I spent time to set up the build process with Maven. Building a release package is just executing a Maven build.

However, I already have ideas for extensions and further colleagues addressed interesting ideas for extending the project after 1.0.0 already. I will talk with Andreas Mülder, he worked successfully with the Groovy EMF Builder, with which test models can easily be created. Until now I assume to load fixed models with fit4oaw. I hope we can integrate the EMF Builder into fixtures easily to create EMF and UML2 models on-the-fly for tests.

I’d like to thank Alexander Nittka, Marc Eilens and Michael Kloss for evaluating the project in this early stage. Their feedback was very valuable to see real requirements besides my own. For now I could only test the product for small examples, since I spent much time on the build process and those examples. I’m sure that in a greater context I will face some gaps I need to fill.

Further news is that I told Darius Jockel and Andre Neumann to use Fit4oaw to test development of the Fornax JavaBasic and Hibernate cartridges. And Carsten Oltmann will create a nice logo for this project soon!


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