fit4oaw 1.0.0 released

Yesterday night I finished the work on fit4oaw release 1.0.0. This has been hard work in the last weeks, especially since I had to work in spare time for this project. My daytime job is already challenging and exhausting, and after 8-10 hours of work the additional work on fit4oaw began, often until deep in the night. For work on other projects, i.e. openArchitectureWare, M2T Xpand, EMFT MWE, Fornax etc. there was no time naturally.

fit4oaw screenshot

This is just the first release, there is many more work to do to make this project successful. Not only additional features, the current feature set is quite sufficient to be useful, also other tasks like documentation, PR, usage scenarios, examples have to be solved. I plan to document the main tasks into the project wiki. If you are willing to contribute then check this task list.

I am quite confident that this project will be a success and of great use in my projects in the future. I already managed to find first users within itemis who used the beta versions and gave valuable feedback. Therefore I thank Alexander Nittka, Marc Eilens, Michael Bädorf, Ingo Feltes and Heiko Behrens. Tomorrow I will have an interview with Hergen Oltmann, and then I will announce this release in our internal itemis podcast.

For my current project this project comes a bit late. It would have been of great use in the past weeks. We developed lots of extension functions, which are only tested by executing within our generation process. They weren’t documented enough and I would document and test them now with fit4oaw. Who knows, maybe my customer decides to extend my work for them and then I could have a chance to place this fine product in the project. I really think it would be of great use in mid-term. They would have to document all developed stuff properly anyway.

Download fit4oaw now and give it a try! Just unpack, start and run the Fit4oawDemo test suite. It is really easy!

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