Consulting at Fiducia

I left Dortmund with ICE in direction Karlsruhe. Today and tomorrow I will be at Fiducia AG, the IT company for Volksbank, Union Investment, and other companies of Volksbank Group, to consult them on oAW. Fiducia evaluated last year different MDSD framworks and chose oAW as the one they will use now to support model driven development for their Horizon architecture. They are now starting a project with oAW, and therefore Mischa Hoechsmann (itemis Pforzheim) and I will support them. Fiducia is working with RSA 7, and their models are UML2 based. One challenge they have is that the code generator should integrate as seamless as possible in their IDE. The most part of our assignment Mischa will do. I have worked with Mischa at Bosch in Stuttgart before, he is a very skilled consultant, and so I am sure that we will do a real good job at Fiducia. Also I am happy to meet my contact persons at Fiducia again.


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