Founded Google Code project for the Hybridlabs Beautifier

The Hybridlabs beautifier has become a famous component for oAW. It is a Java code formatter based on the Jalopy library and what it makes it especially interesting is its feature of auto-organizing Java imports. Since M2T is now upcoming users ask for porting the component to M2T Xpand.

I have asked Karsten Klein, the founder of the Hybridlabs beautifier, to host the projectat a public site and join development efforts. Karsten is at the moment too busy on his normal projects to work on sparetime projects like his beautifier. So I got agreement from Karsten to support him founding the project.

Yesterday I created the Hybridlabs Beautifier project at Google Code. The project is now public, so it is not necessary to send patches and feature requests to Karsten per Mail, better use the given Infrastructure of the project from now on. I took the sources from version 1.1.9, set up the project structure and provided a Maven build for the project. I decided to make to increment the version here to 2.0.0, since project organization changed and M2T support was added.

Internally the code change is really small. The main component, JavaImportBeautifier, now imports both PostProcessor interfaces, from oAW4 Xpand2 and from Eclipse M2T Xpand. This way the component could kept backward compatible to oAW4 while at the same time being compatible for M2T Xpand. A good example why it makes sense to program against interfaces. A drawback of this approach is that this component has now a class dependency to both, which makes it necessary to have oAW4 Xpand on the classpath when using the component within M2T. I excluded all transitive dependencies for oaw-core-xpand2, so dependencies are rather small.

As a result I have created a bundle of the current build including dependencies and uploaded it. This bundle can be downloaded here.

Fornax oAW plugin version 3.0.0 released

I have just released version 3.0.0 of the Maven plugin for oAW. The biggest news is that it now supports the WorkflowRunner from Eclipse MWE. I have tested it both with oAW 4 based projects and an TMF Xtext example, which requires MWE as execution environment.

Two weeks ago I started together with Heiko Behrens the work on the new release in an evening session in the Hotel, since his project at Deutsche Boerse wants to integrate in the Maven based build process. They already use the latest Eclipse Galileo, TMF Xtext, M2T Xpand and MWE versions.

Since the current oAW plugin from Fornax was bound to openArchitectureWare 4 we had to open it up to support MWE. First we did the obvious, by adding MWE as additional dependency to the plugin project. Later I phoned with Dieter Moroff, who suggested to reduce dependencies by using reflection to load and execute the appropriate WorkflowRunner implementation. This works fine now, the plugin supports now both engines while dependencies have been minimized.

Originally I planned to release it as version 2.2.0, but the opening for MWE is such a great step that I decided on the finishing line to give it the version 3.0.0.

For TMF Xtext we have created an example which demonstrates the Maven integration for TMF Xtext/M2T Xpand/MWE based projects (what openArchitectureWare 5 in the core will be). I will write articles on some details later.

MacBook Pro battery defect

After exact 2 years the battery of my MacBook Pro 17” is now defect. First indication was when I worked with Heiko Behrens two weeks ago in the evening at Hotel West in Frankfurt. We had only one power cable in the room and shared one. I was working on battery and without warning the Mac switched off. This behavior repeated unpredictable later again. Next symptom was that the Mac clicked at random times at the cursor position without interaction. I twittered this and got feedback from a colleague that there is a known problem with MacBook batteries that lead to this clicking error. He asked me if the battery has a bump. Some batteries get a bump which presses from below against some electronic interior, causing failures until total defect. At this point of time almost nothing was visible, but in the meanwhile the battery has a massive bump.


Unfortunately there is no guarantee on this battery. itemis already ordered a new one and I will pick it up when driving to itemis this weekend.

Meet me at CodeGeneration 2009!

Definetely a highlight for me this year will be CodeGeneration 2009 conference, which will take place from 16th-18th June in Camebridge, UK.

I attended already last year and had the chance to give an openArchitectureWare workshop there. The CodeGeneration conference is tailored to software developers of any kind interested in code generation and modeling techniques. With that focus the chance is high to meet equal minded persons there and learn about their approaches to code generation. Of course, there is a world outside openArchitectureWare and Eclipse Modeling, and I am always interested in different approaches. Also very nice is the location of the conference. I always wanted to see Camebridge, it is a really nice town. Hopefully we will have again a bit luck with the weather as last year.

This year itemis has become silver sponsor of CG2009. This is also a committment to our growing international business and role as mind setter in the area of model driven software development.

Be sure that you don’t miss this great event. I am looking forward to meet you all there! See photos from last year here.