Fornax oAW plugin version 3.0.0 released

I have just released version 3.0.0 of the Maven plugin for oAW. The biggest news is that it now supports the WorkflowRunner from Eclipse MWE. I have tested it both with oAW 4 based projects and an TMF Xtext example, which requires MWE as execution environment.

Two weeks ago I started together with Heiko Behrens the work on the new release in an evening session in the Hotel, since his project at Deutsche Boerse wants to integrate in the Maven based build process. They already use the latest Eclipse Galileo, TMF Xtext, M2T Xpand and MWE versions.

Since the current oAW plugin from Fornax was bound to openArchitectureWare 4 we had to open it up to support MWE. First we did the obvious, by adding MWE as additional dependency to the plugin project. Later I phoned with Dieter Moroff, who suggested to reduce dependencies by using reflection to load and execute the appropriate WorkflowRunner implementation. This works fine now, the plugin supports now both engines while dependencies have been minimized.

Originally I planned to release it as version 2.2.0, but the opening for MWE is such a great step that I decided on the finishing line to give it the version 3.0.0.

For TMF Xtext we have created an example which demonstrates the Maven integration for TMF Xtext/M2T Xpand/MWE based projects (what openArchitectureWare 5 in the core will be). I will write articles on some details later.


5 thoughts on “Fornax oAW plugin version 3.0.0 released

  1. Hi,

    I’m trying to mavenize my xtext project with this plugin. I run in difficulties with a hierarchical module layout. I have a parent module and in the parent module are submodules which represent the xtext and the xtext.ui project. When I build only the xtext project every things works fine. But when starting from the parent project it fails when reading the grammar files.

    Is that the reason why your example has a flat module hierarchy? One ideas how to solve this?

    2219 [main] INFO ipse.xtext.generator.LanguageConfig – generating infrastructure for com.XXX.XXX.metamodel.type.Type with fragments : ImplicitRuntimeFragment, ImplicitUiFragment, GrammarAccessFragment, EcoreGeneratorFragment, ParseTreeConstructorFragment, ResourceFactoryFragment, DelegatingGeneratorFragment, JavaValidatorFragment, JavaScopingFragment, FormatterFragment, LabelProviderFragment, TransformerFragment, OutlineNodeAdapterFactoryFragment, JavaBasedContentAssistFragment, DelegatingGeneratorFragment
    error(7): cannot find or open file: ../metamodel.type/src-gen/com/XXX/XXX/metamodel/type/parser/antlr/internal/InternalType.g



  2. Xtext projects are normally created in a flat structure in the Eclipse workspace. Relative paths assume this structure. In principle all path properties are overidable, but then you would face problems generating Xtext artifacts within Eclipse. So I recommend to use a flat structure.

  3. Hi I played around with it successfully.

    Now I want to use maven with the released XText 0.7 (from Galileo) and the other released stuff.

    Is there a maven repository where the artifacts are available?


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