Speaking at W-JAX 09

wjax09_button_speaker_enMy colleague Heiko Behrens and I will have a session at the upcoming W-JAX conference.
The session is entitled “Mastering differentiated MDSD Requirements at Deutsche Boerse AG“, and we will share our experience about successfully applying MDSD approaches that we gained through our consulting tasks at the Deutsche Boerse. The project at the Deutsche Boerse is in many ways challenging and a great example how model driven software development really helps to master complexity. The Deutsche Boerse is developing together with the New York ISE a new Global Trading System (GTS), which is scheduled to start operations in 2011. High performance and reliability is crucial for this system, and it would not be possible to deliver both without means of modeling and code generation. Of course we leverageEclipse Modeling and openArchitectureWare for that. We held this session already at the Code Generation 2009 with overwhealming feedback, and in the meantime the story continued and we will include the new experiences into our talk.

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