MacBook slowdown through corrupt file permissions

I was suffering from a massive slowdown of my MacBook Pro. This was really annoying, and I could not figure out what caused the trouble. If you read the posts on the net most of them recommend to buy more ram, close processes or make more space available on the HD. Now, this did not help really. I have > 20GB free on the disc, 4 GB of RAM, and only necessary programs running. So, this cannot be the reason.

Two hints really helped me:

  1. Spotlight. I reduced the scope of the index heavily by adding Privacy folders in the Spotlight settings.
  2. Repair file permissions. This forum thread really saved my day. User k8t recommends to fix the file permissions.

Have you repaired permissions?
HD > Apps > Utilities > Disk Utility, then select the drive and click Repair Permissions.
Do this after installing programs, for sure!

I have done that, and the Disk Utility found some corrupt permissions. Now the experience is really better.

Eclipse DemoCamp November 26th in Frankfurt

Next week, Thursday Nov. 26th, there will be an Eclipse DemoCamp in Frankfurt, starting 05:30 PM until 09:00 PM at Saalbau Gallus. I am happy that my current project schedule allows me being in Frankfurt at this time. There are already over 40 registered attendees, this is quite impressing. There are 6 interesting talks presented at this DemoCamp:

  • Using Eclipse TMF in a large scale modeling and implementation project from Dr. Nikolai Busse (Deutsche Börse Systems AG). The project Nikolai is talking about is the one I am working on most of this year. I already had the opportunity to talk about this project at the CodeGeneration 2009 and W-JAX 09 conference. Nikolai will no doubt give an really interesting talk about an extraordinary project.
  • redView – dynamische Views für Business Applications from Ekkehard Gentz. Ekke has created a fascinating project using technologies like EMF, CDO, openArchitectureWare, UML2. Ekke is also a member on the openArchitectureWare team and it is always a pleasure to talk with him. Last time we met was last week at the W-JAX, but unfortunately I had to leave on thursday before his talk. Now I have the chance to see it finally.
  • JPA (EclipseLink) in OSGI Anwendungen from Karsten Voigt (IBM Global Business Services). EclipseLink will be the reference implementation of the JPA 2.0 standard. This framework has already a long history and many experience was put into it. Although Hibernate is most widely spreaded I think that EclipseLink will play a bigger role in the future. EclipseLink has smooth integration with EMF with Teneo, which makes Domain Driven Design with JPA persistence really easy.
  • Eclipse Code Recommenders – How much can the IDE predict what you will write in the next seconds? from Marcel Bruch (TU Darmstadt). Marcel presents his research project where a more intelligent way for producing IDE proposals is developed. Sounds interesting.
  • Das ist hier Usus… from Leif Frenzel and Stefan Schürle (adrena objects). They will present projectusus, which aims to provide Eclipse plugins that derive settings for Eclipse and code quality plugins like Checkstyle and EclEmma. The clue is that the settings try to match automatically what’s a project’s usus.
  • RCP goes Web 2.0 – Eclipse Rich Ajax Platform from Benjamin Muskalla (EclipseSource). Let’s see what RAP has new…

6 talks are really a lot for a DemoCamp. Besides presentations also networking is important at a DemoCamp. Let’s hope there is enough space for talking. Ralph Müller from the Eclipse Foundation will be there (where on the world is he not?), some people from SAP, Heidelberger Services AG, some of my colleagues from itemis, and several others. And it will be the first time I meet Attila Bak in person, who I now from the Fornax Project since some years already, but until now just via email.

Maybe I can met YOU also there? Registering is easy, and the event is free of charge. To register, just enter yourself to the DemoCamp’s Wiki page. To edit it, you’ll just need an account there. If you don’t want to open account just for that, just send me a mail and I’ll add you.


Misleading error message for JavaBeautifier dependencies

The postprocessor org.eclipse.xpand2.output.JavaBeautifier comes with the plugin org.eclipse.xpand, but needs additional dependencies to work. Under the hood the beautifier leverages JDT, so the dependency to JDT is obvious. Normally the missing plugin dependencies can be easily derived from the error messages, since the package name of some missing class usually maps to the plugin identifier where the class resides. However, you might recognize the error message
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/eclipse/jface/text/BadLocationException
and think that the class must be in plugin org.eclipse.jface.text. But that’s not true, although there is of course a plugin org.eclipse.jface.text. Actually, class BadLocationException is in the plugin org.eclipse.text and is reexported from the JFace plugin.

The actual dependencies that have to be added when using the JavaBeautifiers are:

  • org.eclipse.jdt.core
  • org.eclipse.text
  • org.eclipse.core.resources
  • org.eclipse.core.runtime