MacBook slowdown through corrupt file permissions

I was suffering from a massive slowdown of my MacBook Pro. This was really annoying, and I could not figure out what caused the trouble. If you read the posts on the net most of them recommend to buy more ram, close processes or make more space available on the HD. Now, this did not help really. I have > 20GB free on the disc, 4 GB of RAM, and only necessary programs running. So, this cannot be the reason.

Two hints really helped me:

  1. Spotlight. I reduced the scope of the index heavily by adding Privacy folders in the Spotlight settings.
  2. Repair file permissions. This forum thread really saved my day. User k8t recommends to fix the file permissions.

Have you repaired permissions?
HD > Apps > Utilities > Disk Utility, then select the drive and click Repair Permissions.
Do this after installing programs, for sure!

I have done that, and the Disk Utility found some corrupt permissions. Now the experience is really better.


2 thoughts on “MacBook slowdown through corrupt file permissions

  1. This involves repairing the file system, partition table or master boot record,
    or hard disk recovery techniques ranging from software-based to hardware replacement on a mechanically damaged disk.
    So to be able to address and resolves these types of issues you’ll either need to be knowledgeable with Mac repairs, or if you are local you can take it to a mac repairs center they’ll
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