Tycho slides uploaded

Yesterday I gave a presentation about Maven 3 and Tycho for the Dortmunder Vortragsreihe, a public event series from itemis. A similar talk I gave at the JAX 2010 conference last week, but with less presentation time and thus a less content. I worked on learning about Tycho now quite a while and some bugs and the current lack of documentation led to some restless evenings in the hotel. At the end I wanted to have a continuous build for a non trivial RCP application build. As the example project I wanted to build I took Kai Tödter’s MP3Manager RCP sample project. Finally I got the project building with Tycho. There are still some issues, especially with the product export. I will use this project now to create situations that show bugs and report them to the Tycho team. They are working really hard at the moment to improve Tycho, and I’m sure that many issues will be resolved soon.

Anyway, the slides that I used yesterday were just uploaded, and I hope they will be useful to get started with Tycho.

Maven 3 / Tycho

In the future I will report more about Tycho, so stay tuned!

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