How to limit proposed Java types to implementors of an interface

When you develop a DSL that derives from Xbase you likely want to refer to Jvm types through a JvmTypeReference.

CustomBehavior :
    'custom' (name = ID | 'ref' realizedBy=JvmTypeReference) (label = STRING);

If you hit CTRL+SPACE at such a position in the editor, by default you will get all visible Java types proposed:

This is not really useful when it only makes sense to refer to specifc types. If you want to limit the proposals to just implementors of a specific interface, you can customize this in the proposal provider by overriding the method completeJvmParameterizedTypeReference_Type(). The following example from Spray shows limiting the types to implementors of Graphiti’s ICustomFeature interface in the context of Spray’s CustomBehavior:

public class SprayProposalProvider extends AbstractSprayProposalProvider {
    private IJvmTypeProvider.Factory      jvmTypeProviderFactory;
    private ITypesProposalProvider        typeProposalProvider;
    public void completeJvmParameterizedTypeReference_Type(EObject model, Assignment assignment, ContentAssistContext context, ICompletionProposalAcceptor acceptor) {
        if (EcoreUtil2.getContainerOfType(model, CustomBehavior.class) != null) {
            final IJvmTypeProvider jvmTypeProvider = jvmTypeProviderFactory.createTypeProvider(model.eResource().getResourceSet());
            // Graphiti specific
            final JvmType interfaceToImplement = jvmTypeProvider.findTypeByName(ICustomFeature.class.getName());
            typeProposalProvider.createSubTypeProposals(interfaceToImplement, this, context, SprayPackage.Literals.BEHAVIOR__REALIZED_BY, TypeMatchFilters.canInstantiate(), acceptor);
        } else {
            super.completeJvmParameterizedTypeReference_Type(model, assignment, context, acceptor);

Now you will get the desired subtypes as proposals:

Note that this does only limit proposals to certain types. It does not prevent you from actually referring to another type that you don’t get proposed. This needs to be restricted in your scope provider.

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