xtext-utils unittesting 0.9.4 released

I have just released the new version 0.9.4 of the xtext-utils unittesting framework. The release became necessary due to a too restrictive version constraint for Google Guice, which made the framework incompatible with the upcoming Xtext 2.3.0 release.

This little framework is a useful addition to Xtext which makes writing DSL tests quite easy. In my daily work on developing Xtext projects and coaching Xtext in workshops it became a useful tool which complements Xtext’s test support. It is not the only way to write tests for Xtext DSLs, but a real simple one. The main idea is that the best way to develop DSLs is to write prototype models. This framework allows you to read, parse, validate, format, serialize, and compare your models in a single line.

The framework can be installed from its update site.


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