Fornax Workflow Plugin 3.4.0 released

Finally I have managed to release a new version of the Fornax Maven Workflow Plugin again. This Maven plugin allows execution of MWE and MWE2 workflows from Maven, which is typically the case if you want to automate the build of Xtext or Xpand based projects with Maven.

The new version has some interesting new features which may be worth upgrading:

  • m2e lifecycle metadata
  • workflow dependencies can be configured as plugin dependencies
  • more options to detect changes that trigger the build
  • force/skip parameter to configure workflow execution overrides per configuration
  • log level detection when running in forked JVM

I have especially to thank Dieter Schulten from escalon, who has been willing to contribute to this release. He has mainly contributed the m2e configuration and some tests for the plugin.


One thought on “Fornax Workflow Plugin 3.4.0 released

  1. Thanks heaps,

    this is just what I needed! 🙂

    FYI, I was still worried about how to invoke a tycho-built generator from a non-tycho maven project.

    As of today I’m adding the flat list of osgi bundles as dependencies to the fornax plugin.
    This is the closest I could come, because those 3rd party bundles pulled in by tycho don’t have a pom.

    I guess it would require some negotiation between tycho and fornax to enable p2-based resolving of transitive dependencies in this context.

    But as said: today I’m happy, as the mentioned workaround works and it doesn’t spam the main dependencies of the maven project.

    thanks again,

    PS: as for the m2e lifecycle metadata: do you have a hint on how to use? For me m2e still complains that a run-workflow execution is not covered by any lifecycle configuration.

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