Eclipse Oomph: Suppress Welcome Page

I am frequently spawning Eclipse workspaces with Oomph setups and the first action I do when a new workspace is provisioned is to close Eclipse’s welcome page. So I wanted to suppress that for a current project setup. So I started searching where Eclipse stores the preference that disables the intro page. The location of that preference is within the workspace directory at


The content of the preference file is


So to make Oomph create the preference file before the workspace is started the first time use a Resource Creation task and set the Target URL


Then put the above mentioned preference content as Content value.

2 thoughts on “Eclipse Oomph: Suppress Welcome Page

  1. Hi Karsten,

    I meanwhile learned that $workspace.location is undefined if you try to setup an oomph based installation without selecting any product, leading to wizard asking you for that variable repeatedly. You can workaround this either by using osgi.instance.area as described by Eike at, or you simply replace the $workspace.location variable by $install.location and add “/ws” to the path part after the variable (assuming you use the nested workspace directory schema).

    • Thanks for this interesting addition! I’m not sure if it is safer to assume the workspace location based on the installation location. IMO the possibility to use a setup without a product is less likely. I’ve never done that so far honestly.
      But IF you have that situation then this would be an important thing to consider.

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