Eclipse DemoCamp Dortmund – November 30th at FZW

The Eclipse Foundation announced a new DemoCamp series for November 2010, and of course we will join the event series with a DemoCamp in Dortmund again. The FZW was a really nice location last time and thus we booked it again. There is enough parking space and also the central railway station is just a 5 min walk away.

Last time over 60 persons joined the Dortmund DemoCamp, making it one of the larger of its sort of the past Helios DemoCamp series. I hope that we will have again so many attendees.

At the moment I am searching for some exciting Demos about different areas of Eclipse. I am happy to have Marcel Bruch talking about his “Eclipse Code Recommenders” project. I met him on Frankfurt’s DemoCamp last November and on Darmstadt’s DemoCamp in July. Not only that the topic is rather amazing, Marcel is an excellent presenter.

Last month I met Ekkehard Gentz in San Francisco at Cafe Mason. He was presenting at the Blackberry DevCon, whilest I had a project in the Bay Area at this moment. I already wanted him for the last DemoCamp talking about his RedView project, but last time it clashed with another DemoCamp. I was not aware that he is so deep in Blackberry development now and was really impressed what he has done for this customer in the mobile area. He will definetely be an enrichment for the camp.

The next interesting topic in the line is CDO. Eike Stepper gave me the recommendation for Stefan Winkler, and Stefan was so kind to do the CDO demo. Stefan is a long-time CDO committer and he will also present CDO at the Eclipse DemoCamp in Bonn. I am also very interested in CDO and introducing it in a customer project for a RCP/JavaEE application with Teneo/Spring/Hibernate stack.

Although I myself entered a demo of my current topic – Building Xtext projects with Maven – I hope to find enough topics from different areas. As organizer I am not unhappy to make place for other presentations. So if you have a good idea, just add a proposal on the DemoCamp’s Wiki page.

I am also very happy that Ralph Müller from the Eclipse Foundation will join the camp again. It is always a pleasure to have him as representative from Eclipse at the camps and this is also the rare chance to speak about Eclipse strategic development from first hand.

Don’t miss the chance to meet with Eclipse enthusiasts and experts from the region Ruhrgebiet / Westfalen. And as always, the whole event is for free! Just enter yourself on the DemoCamp’s Wiki page. Also check out the other locations around the globe.