Game Development – A whole new area for Eclipse Modeling?

The Eclipse Modeling Project provides the world’s leading set of tools and frameworks that are used for successfully applying model driven software development techniques in various areas. Successful adoption are known in Enterprise Computing, Embedded System Development, Mobile Development etc. But what about Game Development? I have not heard about Game productions that use Eclipse Modeling or Model Driven Software Development in general so far. I cannot know about all projects in the world, but at least it is an indicator that this development technique is at least not wide adopted in the branch of Game Development.

Game Development is highly complex, developed in multidisciplinary teams under high time pressure and quality requirements. And the complexity is even growing, whilst time pressure also. Time-to-market is everything there. If your game comes too late, you are out. If you don’t use the latest technologies, you are lame. How could such projects ever be successful just by coding and hacking? I could imagine that game developers are just too busy with developing their games in a traditional way to think how they could gain speed and quality by applying software engineering techniques like MDSD.

I would not wonder if they associate MDSD with drawing UML diagrams and wasting time clicking and drawing useless stuff. Model Driven Software Development is everything else than useless. It helps raising the level of abstraction, speeding up development and gaining quality. If applied correctly, of course. Of course they think their kind of software development is special and completely different than other disciplines. But let me say, it’s not the case. Every piece of software has generic parts, schematic parts and parts that don’t fit into one of the previous sections. And for the schematic parts, MDSD can always help. Don’t tell me that a multi-million, mission-critical enterprise project is less challenging than game development.

One of the most promising things for game development can be the usage of Domain Specific Languages (DSLs), especially textual ones. With Xtext 2.0 the development of textual DSLs with tight integration of expression languages and code generators has become easier than ever before. If you don’t ever tried Xtext, do it!

On October 4th there will be an interesting workshop at the 10th International Conference on Entertaining Computing (ICEC 2011) in Vancouver, Canada. The “1st Workshop on Game Development and MDSD” will bring experts from both worlds together. The Call for Position Papers is running now, deadline is July 30th. If you are in one of those businesses, submit a propopsal or attend the workshop. I think both “worlds” can really win a lot from working together. This workshop could be a good start.